How to learn in college: 5 Powerful tips

In college, you learn knowledge and skills. To know one’s course, is thus to record the new notions seen in class and to know how to use them.

Course knowledge

Each course is an opportunity to discover new concepts or to see them again.

For example you see in class the characteristics of the fantastic or the conjugation to the simple past, or even the difference between a narrator and an author, etc. This knowledge must be known: this means that they must be saved in your memory and can be restored correctly at any time.

How do you know if you understood your college course?

Many students think they know their course when they just understood it at the time of the explanation. There is a difference between having the impression of understanding and knowing.

To know a lesson is to be able to correctly define each notion of the lesson.

The definitions given are to be memorized. These definitions are indeed well written, precise and reduced to a minimum. To change a word is to change the definition and make it incorrect. One must also remember the exact spelling of the notion. This spelling is part of his definition.

To verify that I know my lesson, I imagine a course quiz.

From the course, I write on a sheet of paper a series of questions that the professor could ask me at the next class to make a surprise question.

For example, after a lesson on the complex sentence:

– What is a complex sentence?

– What is a proposal?

– What is juxtaposition?


I test myself and I self-evaluate.

On another sheet, I’m trying to answer the questions in the list I just made. Then I self-correct using the course. If my definitions are correct, I move on: the skills check. If there are words missing in my definitions, it’s because I do not yet know them perfectly. So I learn them again and I test myself again, until I know my course perfectly.

How can I tell if we have really understood his course?

It is necessary to redo an exercise treated in class and to self-correct.

I therefore resume the statement of an exercise done in class, preferably a difficult exercise. On a rough sheet, I’m trying to redo it. I then check that I have just the correction made in class. If I have errors, I look at the correction and I try to understand. If I still can not, I’ll talk to my teacher at the next class, so that he will explain me again.

Do you really have to do all this?

Do not consider that all these checks are a waste of time! These are ways to succeed. Only in writing will you know whether you know your course or not. It may seem complicated and time consuming but you learn as you go and consolidate the concepts.

Above all, listen well in class! Good class attention will save you a lot of homework time!

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